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Silver Cross teaser

Just got the cover copy for SILVER CROSS, and here it is:

History professor Nick Journey and federal agent Meg Tolman return in Silver Cross, the thrilling sequel to B. Kent Anderson’s Cold Glory.

When her friend is murdered, Tolman rushes to North Carolina to investigate. She finds a vast conspiracy hanging on a letter from Napoleon III to Confederate president Jefferson Davis, pledging French aid to the Southern cause during the Civil War in return for the “Silver Cross.” The letter was lost when Confederate spy Rose Greenhow drowned off the Carolina coast, just yards from Southern soil.

Tolman asks history professor Nick Journey for his help, and soon the two are following a treasure map deep into the west Texas desert. Hot on their trail are others desperately trying to cover up the existence of the Silver Cross, including Ann Gray, a freelance assassin gone rogue, and her former employers, a secretive group known only as the Associates.

As horrifying acts of domestic terrorism erupt throughout the country, Journey and Tolman seek an answer to the 150-year-old riddle before it’s too late.

***SILVER CROSS publishes in hardback on November 27.***

Yes, the settings in SILVER CROSS range from my native Oklahoma, to the coast of North Carolina, to the desolate Texas Panhandle, to a ferry in the middle of Lake Michigan, to the Washington Monument. I’m very excited about this book. Can you tell?


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