Cold Glory

“Well-built and engaging characters…a tale rife with intrigue and suspicion…a fast-paced page turner down to the final twist.” –Suspense Magazine

“Part history lesson, part poetry, and part thriller…a game of intrigue and chase that winds the reader around a maze of history and imagination.”  –The Big Thrill

“Realistic and multifaceted characters…unexpected turns and a very interesting ending… Anderson is a gifted and imaginative writer. His references to actual events show an author with genuine knowledge and interest in the Civil War.” –Civil War News

“A clever first in a new series…original…will appeal to fans of historical conspiracy thrillers.”  — Publishers Weekly

“A wild ride…filled with taut twists and turns…”  –Slice Magazine

“This fast-paced historical mystery was hard to put down…The connection between Journey and his son is a beautiful thing.” –The Sunday Oklahoman

“A superb conspiracy thriller…readers will relish the fast-paced story line that never slows down yet also constructs a fascinating historical conspiratorial premise.”  –The Mystery Gazette

“The past comes excitingly to life in this very modern, very white-knuckle thriller.  From the Civil War to today’s national politics, Cold Glory by B. Kent Anderson bristles with great characters, fascinating research, and a story that will propel you to the last page with the velocity of a hollow-point bullet.”   — Gayle Lynds, New York Times bestselling author of The Book of Spies

Lost for 150 years, a secret document is discovered that threatens to destroy the US government… and only  one  man and one woman can prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

History professor Nick Journey is shocked when a Civil War-era document that more than hints at treason is unearthed in Oklahoma with a cache of Union and Confederate weapons and an odd gold pin engraved with the initials GW.  Before he can begin searching for the rest of this explosive document, Journey is attacked by two men armed with Special Forces weapons—and wearing gold GW pins.

The shadowy Glory Warriors have been desperately searching for the shocking document—a secret agreement signed by Generals Lee and Grant at Appomattox —to legitimize nothing less than a military coup. When the attempt to kill Journey fails, their leader orders the single father followed, knowing that Journey holds the key to finding the missing pages that will justify their treachery.

The file on Journey’s attack is assigned to Meg Tolman, part-time concert pianist and specialist in the federal Research and Investigations Office—also known as where cases go to die. When her probe uncovers more troubling questions than answers, she finds herself joining Nick Journey in the struggle to recover and protect the long-lost papers.

As the Glory Warriors begin assassinating key political figures and the country plunges into chaos, Journey and Tolman search frantically for the remaining pages. And the Glory Warrior operatives are hot on their trail…

Whoever controls the document, controls the United States of America.

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“Cold Glory is a new kind of thriller right when the reading world really needs one: cool well-tempered prose, a long lean stainless-steel storyline that rings out clear when struck, Cold Glory is a genuinely unique take on the tectonic and dangerous forces that lie beneath the American landscape, written by a man in full command of the page and an elegant way of crossing it. Never vulgar, always poised, often intellectually and historically surprising, Cold Glory is a deeply satisfying read.” –David Stone, New York Times bestselling author of The Echelon Vendetta

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“B. Kent Anderson’s new novel Cold Glory does everything that a thriller should do–it kept me engaged, actually totally absorbed, from page one, something not many books have done for me in a very long time.  Nicely drawn characters with real personal issues, a truck load of action, a goodly number of surprises and a satisfying ending.”  –Bestselling author David Hagberg

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