What next?

In the last two weeks, since COLD GLORY was published, many people–both online and in person–have asked me what comes next.  Will COLD GLORY be a series? Are Nick Journey and Meg Tolman returning? When will the next book be out?

Yes. Yes. And next fall.

The next adventure with Journey and Tolman is SILVER CROSS, slated for publication in the fall of 2012.  (Exact publication date to be determined.)  I’m doing revisions to the book now, and am so excited about this story.  Journey will face more challenges with his son Andrew, and we’ll see if Journey and Sandra Kelly are really able to form a relationship.  Meg Tolman will face the unexpected death of an old friend, and the investigation into her death leads to an infamous Civil War spy, as well as Napoleon III and a modern-day character who may leave readers wondering, “Is she good? Or is she bad ?”  I can’t wait for you to meet Ann Gray. Also, if you are as intrigued by Tolman’s silent, wounded, tortured friend Darrell Sharp as other readers have been, you’ll be pleased to know that he appears in SILVER CROSS as well, in a larger role.

From the Cape Fear region on the North Carolina coast, to the middle of Lake Michigan, to the desolate high plains of west Texas, and of course many scenes in my beloved Oklahoma, it’s a story I have thoroughly enjoyed creating, and I am looking forward to sharing it with you next year.

In the meantime, while promoting the first book in the series and revising the second, I am researching the third, with more Civil War-era intrigues impacting the modern era.  Journey and Tolman and company have much to do, and I’ve recently come across the most unlikely connection between two larger-than-life historic figures from the Civil War period.

But…I’m getting ahead of myself.  For now, enjoy COLD GLORY.  Come out and see me if I’m at a bookseller, library, or festival near you.  Look for SILVER CROSS next year.  In the meantime, please drop me an e-mail.  I love hearing from readers. Don’t forget the events page, to keep up with where I will be.

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  1. I am so looking forward to Silver Cross, and I’m already curious about the third book. Always enjoy learning more about the people in the Civil War. Thanks for letting us know what’s happening.

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