I like okra.

Here in Oklahoma, we understand okra.  My mother, a fine practitioner of rural Southern-style cooking, would make it from time to time, lightly breaded and fried.  (Cardiologists may stop reading at any time.)  It is a staple of barbecue joints and cafes that specialize in “down home” cooking, and I find myself ordering it often.  (Even my 17-year-old son, who is, ahem, a picky eater, has decided in the last few months that he appreciates fried okra.)

It’s a Southern delicacy, so it is wholly appropriate that the Southern Independent Booksellers Aliance (SIBA) calls their seasonal group of featured titles “Okra Picks.”  These are the dozen books every season that the participating indie booksellers (over 100 stores) choose to promote and hand-sell to their customers.

I am beyond honored that COLD GLORY has been chosen as one of SIBA’s Okra Picks for fall 2011.  My publisher, Forge Books, is supporting this promotion with “extended” placement, guaranteeing prominent displays in the stores.  There will be posters and postcards, online promotion (http://www.authorsroundthesouth.com/index.php/okra), even QR codes that readers can scan and read an excerpt on their smartphones!  COLD GLORY is in the company of some fine books and authors, a cross-section of fiction and non-fiction.

There is not a list (yet) that I can find of the individual participating stores, but here is a link showing a list of many SIBA members.  It’s a great collection of indie booksellers, from Arkansas to Florida, and many of them have agreed to promote COLD GLORY as one of their favored fall books.

May have to order some good fried okra tonight.

Thanks, SIBA!

CG publishes in less than three weeks!  Join the excitement…order your copy either online or from your favorite bookseller.  And be sure to come and see me when I’m in your town.  I have a few more library dates to add, but the schedule as it stands now is here.

See you down the road!


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  1. Loved Cold Glory. Hate okra, but congratulations on being an Okra pick.

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