Two months, three days, and Publishers Weekly

COLD GLORY will be published in two months, three days–on October 11.  The excitement is building–readers are pre-ordering both hardcover and e-book editions.  I am scheduling more events, and the first major trade publication review has just come out.

Publishers Weekly, the Bible of the commercial publishing industry, says today that COLD GLORY is “the clever first in a new series,” calling it “original…should appeal to fans of historical conspiracy thrillers.”

I’m honored to be reviewed by PW.  They don’t review every title submitted to them, and just to have been selected for inclusion is very gratifying.  Love the review and the buzz that is starting to build about the book.

Just to update you on what else is happening, I have turned in the sequel to COLD GLORY to my editor. Its title is SILVER CROSS, and it is set for release in the fall of 2012.  (COLD GLORY will come out in a paperback edition next year as well.)  And now, as I sweat through the hottest summer in Oklahoma in thirty years, I am researching the third book in the series.  (Parts of it are set in a much cooler climate.)  Yes, Nick Journey and Meg Tolman will be back!  (As will some of the supporting characters, like Sandra Kelly, Darrell Sharp, Kerry Voss, and of course, Nick’s son, Andrew Journey.)  I know that most of you haven’t met these characters yet, but you will begin getting to know them in COLD GLORY.

Publishing is a long process.  My agent sold COLD GLORY to Forge Books in April of 2010, and it will be fully eighteen months since then to publication date.  But I have a terrific publisher–couldn’t be happier with my experience at Forge.  From my amazing editor, Kristin Sevick, to the team that created the cover (it’s been nothing short of astounding to see an actual physical representation of something that previously only existed in my head) to my publicist and the hard-working sales and marketing teams, I’m pleased to call Forge my publishing home.

If you haven’t pre-ordered COLD GLORY yet, you may do so either from one of the Oklahoma booksellers where I will be doing signings, or from any one of several online retailers. Links to purchase are on this page.

I know things must be going well, as my oldest son (age 17) is rereading several Harry Potter books (after seeing the final movie a couple of weeks ago) and using a COLD GLORY bookmark.  Now I know I’ve really arrived.



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  1. Wonderful to hear! I can’t wait to read the books!

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