First and Last

Someone asked me not long ago to share the first and last sentences of COLD GLORY.  An intriguing request, to say the least.  But I’ll go one better: first and last paragraphs.

The beginning:

His name wasn’t Edward Hiram, but it amused him to call himself that. Edward was Robert E. Lee’s middle name, and Hiram was the real first name of Ulysses Grant.

The ending:

They walked along the beach, close to the shore as the waves rolled in. A wind gust hit them, they felt air on their faces, and a fine, misty spray of water. Andrew Journey held both his hands over his head and waved them back and forth, basking in the November sun and the clear air and the water. He gave a happy, genuine laugh, and then he began to whistle again.

First and last.  Beginnings and endings.  I’ve just turned in the manuscript of the next book in the series, with the working title of SILVER CROSS, set for release in the fall of 2012.  With COLD GLORY finished and in production, SILVER CROSS has occupied much of my time, and I am very excited about it as well.  In the meantime, less than four months until COLD GLORY publication date!  I’ll have more to say soon, about Father’s Day, SILVER CROSS, and Thrillerfest.


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