Rite of Passage

My first real blog post!  Is this considered a rite of passage, akin to turning 18 or 21 and the like?

Perhaps not, but I am quite excited at the debut of this website and blog.  By the time Cold Glory is published in October, it will have been five years between published books.  A lot has changed in my life in those years, and while there was a time when I believed I had no more books within me, that I was simply finished as a novelist, here I am, back with a new book and delighted to be telling stories again.

Cold Glory is in production now.  My editor at Forge, the thoroughly remarkable Kristin Sevick, has helped me shape it into a work of which I’m quite proud.  We’ve been through the whole process: editorial letter, three rounds of changes, copy-editing, first pass pages.  Now I’ve made all the changes I can make—wait! wait! what about line 15 on page 247???—and it’s in the capable hands of the production department at Forge.

I’m pleased with the book—it has all the elements I love: characters with personal issues outside the scope of the present story, giving them chances to grow over several books (Yes, this is the first in a new series!); lots of historical detail; tidbits of music here and there; plot twists; interesting (if somewhat unexpected, at times) settings.  I enjoyed writing this book, building on my interest in American history and tying it to the American Civil War during the sesquicentennial of that terrible yet fascinating conflict. I’ve planned five books in the new series—one for each year of the sesquicentennial.  I’m already hard at work on the next one, set for release in 2012 and titled Silver Cross.

I’ll have more to say in this space as the months go by and we get closer to publication date for Cold Glory. In the meantime, I’ll be reading and writing, and hoping to hear from you.



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  1. I am so looking forward to seeing my favorite author in print once again. After having read ALL of the Department 30 series and being so hungry for more David Kent, here comes Cold Glory! At last a smorgasbord of exciting new characters, new places, history, music — all the stuff that makes B. Kent Anderson one of the most compelling authors out there. HOORAY! I can’t wait, Kent-O!!

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